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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


As recently as seven months ago, this writer explained that the criticism of using corn for fuel was bogus. However the naysayers kept right on preaching their message– right through the recent election. The ethanol proponents pointed to higher fuel prices as a more direct relationship to the increased cost of food than the higher corn prices. Guess what? Corn is selling for around $3.00 per bushel and the cost of fuel has come down considerably.

If the naysayers were correct, the lower price of corn should bring lower food prices. It hasn’t happened. So that leaves the culprit to be the cost of converting raw commodities to food we can eat, the fuel and labor costs associated with this process and the fuel costs of distributing the products. Fuel costs have come down, but the end price we pay at the supermarket has not. Now is the time that the middle men are probably making their “fair share”. Even the experts have a hard time explaining the commodity markets and the end cost for consumers when we buy food at the super markets. end


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