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Friday, November 07, 2008

MINNESOTANS - A love/hate relationship with taxes!

Listening to the commercials during this past election, it would seem that it was all about taxes. “Candidate X will raise your taxes; candidate Y will not raise your taxes. Don’t vote for him/her – look what they did – they voted for a zillion tax increases. Minnesota is a state that is way over taxed. Many other states are much better off because they don’t pay so many taxes. I will have to lay off employees if they get elected because my tax burden will be so high. Etc. etc. etc.”
So why did 56% of the people in Minnesota vote to raise their own taxes? The constitutional amendment to increase the sales tax and spend the money on land and water carried by that percentage, and voters seem to be happy about it!
Something is amiss, when a number of school referenda failed and we are even going to see one school district dissolve. Something does not make sense. end


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