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Friday, August 29, 2008


The Nicollet County Drug Court held its first graduation exercise on Wednesday, August 27. What a fantastic event and what a wonderful achievement for the graduates. These people have turned their lives around by showing that they can be productive members of society. They are staying chemical free, holding jobs, supporting families, and facing challenges. One of the persons who spoke for a graduate made the following statement. “We don’t argue any more, the bills are being paid, life is good!”

Kudos need to go to Judge Allison Krehbiel and all members of the drug court team. The team members guide the participants through this tough process. It would seem the team members need to be part advisor, part cheer leader, part parent, part strong believer, and 100 per cent hard core disciplinarians as they work with the participants and help them develop a belief in themselves that they can be successful. Ultimately, it is the drug court participants who will achieve the success; or fail to change their behaviors. It is easy to fail – it is only the hardest workers and strongest achievers who will attain success.

Ken White, Assistant Nicollet County Attorney said that the Nicollet County Drug Court has realized a 1.5 million dollar savings in jail days. Keep up the good work! end


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