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Thursday, June 26, 2008


Sometimes elderly folks forget to eat. Sometimes they don’t feel like cooking an adequate meal. Sometimes it is easier to just snack than to prepare a balanced meal and then sit down and eat it – all by yourself. It is no fun to cook for one. And it is less fun to eat alone.
That is why congregate dining spots have been developed. But what about those who cannot get to the dining spot or those who live in rural, more isolated spots? The Public Health folks at Nicollet County have a number of options including meals on wheels. However transportation costs are cutting into everything we do. One clever new option for Nicollet County residents who qualify for the Elderly Waivered program is already prepared meals that come to the doorstep by UPS. These are prepared, packaged, fresh meals that only need be refrigerated. This is possible by using USDA approved packaging technology and it is guaranteed 14 days of freshness in a refrigerator after delivery.
Nicollet County signed a contract with Moms Meals last Tuesday to use their services for clients qualifying for the waivered program. End.


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