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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Proactive or Reactive

Today, Nicollet County Social Services Director Joan Tesdahl alerted the county board to the fact that we will be losing over $100,000 in target case management funds. These dollars are funneled down to the county level from the state and federal government and they are used to target kids at risk and help them with special programming. The programming might be providing services to parents in their home (to help them be better parents), it could mean special help for troubled young people. The idea is the be proactive and keep the youngsters in their home situations and to discourage risky behavior by them at school or in other places. This behavior might lead to "out of control" situations that warrant out of home placement. This is the last resort and it is a very expensive resort.

Since the funding is drying up, the staff must choose to possibly eliminate some programs or ask the county board to fund these programs with property tax dollars. Legislators in Minnesota are attempting to fill some of the reductions. SF 3275 and HF 3615 are being presented to allow more dollars to counties so we can continue to offer proactive programs and not be reactive to problems. end



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