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Friday, September 05, 2008


Rural voters have typically supported the Republican Party. After this week’s convention, that may change. Minnesota farmers and particularly Minnesota Corn Farmers have a lot bones to pick with the Republican Party. The Corn Grower’s Association ponied up $75,000 to help put on a bash for the delegates billed as an Ag Nite Celebration. What do the Republicans do? They come out opposing tax breaks for ethanol and call for the repeal of the Renewable Fuel Standards. This is a reversal of their former position. It appears McCain wants to distance himself from the Bush Administration. This is not the way to do it!

Why would the GOP want to adopt a platform that limits energy options? Don’t they understand that ethanol incentives that lead to more use of the product means less dependence on foreign oil and indirectly keeps the cost of fuel lower. The addition of another fuel just naturally lowers the amount of gasoline needed and thus means spending less on oil. The major farm organizations are not happy with this idea of repealing the Renewable Fuel Standard, especially when nothing has been mentioned about repealing the tax cuts to the oil companies.
Farm groups are also leery of McCain who opposed the farm bill which is really a food bill benefiting consumers more than it is a farm bill that benefits farmers.end


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