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Friday, November 30, 2012

Some things don't change

I recently finished Carl Sandburg's trilogy "Abraham Lincoln". It was interesting to read about Lincoln's re-election at the time of our recent election. Lincoln's opponent was McClellan, one of his former Generals who could not cut it and had to be relieved of command early in the war.

Sandburg writes: "It was formidable that 212 of the Electoral College votes should go to Lincoln, with McClellan getting only 21. But a study of three states with the largest electoral votes, New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio, showed Lincoln receiving 930,269 to 843,862 for McClellan, a difference of only 86,407 votes, but giving Lincoln 80 in the Electoral College. Had these three key states by their narrow margin gone for McClellan and been joined by two or three other states, McClellan would have been elected."

Even 148 years ago, the state of Ohio played an important role in the election of our president. Some things just don't seem to change. end

Friday, November 09, 2012

You Gotta Love Her!

"We will have equality when we have just as many stupid women elected officials as we have stupid men elected officials." This quote is attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt. I love it!

Friday, November 02, 2012

Be careful when you vote.

The Linder Network reported that an ag internet site did a survey and found that farmers are in favor of voting for Romney.

One can only scratch their head and wonder why. Agriculture is enjoying some of our best economic conditions EVER. Romney has said on day one - if he is elected  - he will declare China a "currency manipulator". That is the kiss of death for agriculture. They are buying much of our product and that is why we are enjoying good prices.

Also it is predicted that a Romney administration will institute a tight monetary policy with a strong dollar which will make it harder to buy our commodities. Another bad thing for agriculture. I guess I will keep scratching. end