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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Dear Mr. President:

Considering the state of things, this would be a good time to scale back in a BIG WAY your second inaugural party. Why not just do the swearing in thing and let your daughters hold the Bible? It would be such a lasting memory for them! Then hold a low key dinner and dance.

 Yes, the faithful party workers need to be rewarded and they should be. But rewards come in many different packages and lots of rewards don't have to be spendy and outlandish. I suppose there are lots of "corporate donors" out there who want to sponsor events. And I suppose you can say that these will not cost taxpayers anything! You can say that, but you would be wrong. Because those donors always expect something in return.

This year, just keep it simple and low key. All of America will think the better of you if you do that.

Yours truly,
Driver of Country Roads

P.S. The only way this writer would change my suggestion is if you or your advisers could figure out a way for a big celebration of any kind to create some permanent, good paying jobs in the private sector.


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