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Friday, September 14, 2012

Convention Observations

I watched parts of both major party conventions. Some observations follow.

  • The first convention - Republican seemed to be mostly Caucasian people. I noticed some Hispanic and some of Asian background, but few Black. There were Black people represented in speakers. 
  • The testimonials were wonderful to hear.
  • Even the conservative commentators remarked about the predominance of speakers who were from a business background and asked, "what is here for the waitress or assembly line worker or teacher?"
  • The second convention - Democratic dealt ad nauseoum with social issues of abortion and homosexuality. Those issues were over done in my estimation.
  • The Democrats highlighted the dichotomy of the group with the drop dead delivery of the Catholic sister speaking for the "Nuns on the Bus". She was one of the highlights of both conventions for this writer!
  • It was pleasant to see the diversity of the delegates among the Democrats and also the many delegates who brought their children: ranging from babes in arms up to high school age.   
These are observations made - only at the behest of the PBS cameras. I do not know what I was not allowed to see. However, I feel PBS is more unbiased than other mainstream media.

A final comment. Now we must be subject to all of the attack ads and false information coming from all sides of various campaigns. The mute button will be worn out by the time the election gets here. All of this fuss makes us wonder if we will ever be able to come together and move our country forward. As soon as the election is over, both sides will be gearing up for four years from now and grooming folks for the next big one.

Personally I wonder if we would be better off changing the term of our President to one term of six years. Perhaps statesman-like people would work hard to make a difference without always be thinking about the political ramifications of their actions.


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