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Friday, August 03, 2012


Thank God for down to earth, say it as it is, news men like CBS's Bob Schieffer. Tonight on the 5:30 news, he commented about how our Congress SHAMEFULLY decided to go home for the August recess and just forget about all of the important work to be done regarding the fact that half of the counties in the country are in a disaster declared drought, there is a security risk from failing infrastructure, there has been no action on tax reform, and of course the constant budget problems. Then the fact that more and more people have become chronically unemployed. This DO NOTHING CONGRESS is shamefully going home on vacation with the worst possible record. Shieffer so aptly put it that if the capitol building caught on fire, the Congress would not be able to make a decision about calling the fire department! We are responsible, because we elected these people. There is an election coming up. Let's hope the citizens who vote get some sense and hold the people they vote into office a little more responsible. end


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