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Monday, September 13, 2010


Our family has monetarily supported political parties. This year, we have chosen not to fund a political party. For the first time, we contributed to an individual candidate for governor. I mailed a contribution to Tom Horner's campaign this morning.

Our household is 100% for Horner. We support Horner because he will be a statesman and not a politician. His efforts will be aimed at what is good for the state of Minnesota. The other two candidates will be beholden to the political parties that helped elect them. The result will be gridlock, inefficiency and more smoke and mirror solutions.

Some of the candidates talk about "taking back" our state. When they say these words, if they mean trying to go back to the way things were during the productive years, before globalization, and before the recession, they are misinformed. We will never be able to go back to those glory days. We must own up to the fact that our economy must be reset. An independent governor will be free to cooperate and collaborate with all stakeholders such as local units of government, businesses, colleges, schools and university. Working together they will have to "reset" and "redesign" government at all levels. It has been said that Minnesota is a state that "works". With Horner as governor, we can demonstrate this to be true and once again, be an example for our nation. end


The corruption, mismanagement, fraudulent activity, cheating and stealing are legion in the way the United States government dealt with the native American in the late 1800's. (And probably ever after.) This was a disgrace then and still is. The following words were written in 1891 by Captain John Bourke who served with General George Crook during many campaigns in the west.

"In this matter of Indian agents, as in all that pertains to Indian affairs, the great trouble is that the American people have so little common sense. Let the salaries paid to the agents be raised to such a standard that the position will be an inducement for first-class men to consider, and there will not be so much trouble in getting an honest administration, if there should be coupled a good-conduct tenure, subject to the approval of some such organization as the Indian Rights Association. Civil Service Reform may well be introduced in the Indian service." Page 425, "On the Border With Crook" - by John Gregory Bourke.

To a large extent these words written over 100 years ago apply today. end

And The Winner(s) Are

Winning the best tasting new food to be offered at the 2010 Texas State Fair is "Texas Fried Fritos Pie". The most creative entry was "Fried Beer". We will be attending the fair on September 26 and I will try the Fritos Pie. As for beer, I like mine cold and preferably from a glass bottle. Stay tuned for a critique when we return. end