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Friday, September 16, 2011

Thank You Senator Sheran

No wonder the state's roads are falling apart. Today's mail brought a brochure from Senator Kathy Sheran that divides a tax dollar into portions to indicate where state spending is going. Only one category (Agriculture and Veterans) at 0.2 cents is a smaller expenditure than Transportation.

We spend 0.4 cents of every tax dollar on roads. This is definitely not enough!

I am not happy that we spend more of our tax dollar on the environment (0.7 cents) than we do on roads and/or veterans and ag.

Some surprises include our spending only 0.5 cents on Economic Development. Some wise funding of economic development might bring us more jobs which is more needed than anything else. Big companies seem to be more interested in sitting on their capital or investing it in other countries than providing jobs here.

Looking at the division of how the dollar is being spent, I would spend more on transportation and veterans and less on the environment. This would mean taking money away from environment and possibly other portions of the budget.

A better solution is to bring in more money and designate it for roads. end


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