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Friday, September 16, 2011

Good Roads

The big guy and I just returned from a trip to the Golden State. The state is gold, but it, like Minnesota is lacking in gold (funds). We had not driven six blocks away from the airport when the first words out of my mouth were, "these roads are very good." I do not know how or where the state gets its money for roads (I imagine gas tax and other fees etc.), but they have many, many miles of roads and the over 1000 miles we drove on would rate immensely better than any random 1000 miles I drive in this state.

Qualifier: most of the state does not enjoy the temperature extremes we have in Minnesota and that makes a gigantic difference. Also much of the state is very dry which goes a long way in preservation of a road that is excellent to start with.

We all know that states enjoy federal funding to help them build and maintain their roads. I am just guessing here, but I think that this huge state (both in population and in geography) means they can access more federal dollars. They may also know "how to work the system better than other states, i.e. legislators and lobbyists."

Good roads are vital to every citizen in every state. We are not a stabile population, but a mobile population. We think nothing of driving many miles to our place of work. California must place good roads high on their priority lists. We all know that a lot of our produce comes from that state and it sure does not travel on rails.

We enjoyed the smooth ride on their roads and highways. We had not driven four blocks out of the park and fly before I noticed the bump, bump, bump of the bituminous road sections and the roughness of the ride. My comment to the Big Guy was, "I guess we are back in Minnesota." end


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