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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Playin' Nice

Many young people are returning to school soon and "playin' nice" will be an attribute sought after in many a classroom. Too, bad our largest and most known classroom - U.S. Congress and Wash D.C. government - can't seem to learn to Play Nice.

Shame on the President and his advisers for purposefully scheduling his speech to a joint session of Congress on the same night as a major party debate. Notice of the speech aside, it was not a nice thing to do.

Shame on the Speaker for putting up a big fuss and insisting that the President change the date of the speech. Whether notice was properly given or not aside, it was not playing nice.

Evidently these people have not heard about the movement started by Starbuck's CEO, Howard Schultz. He has urged everyone including all of the CEO's of all the companies on the New York Stock Exchange to withhold donating to campaigns of all political folks who refuse to play nice. I hope these pols talk to their fund raising organizations soon. Hitting them in the pocketbook is the only language these people understand.

Schultz knows about hitting people in the pocketbook. His products are/were over priced and when his business lagged, he lowered his prices. All I know is that I like his idea of withholding donations until behavior is changed and meanwhile I will have a latte at Starbucks. end


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