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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another Day, Another Gaff

Michele Bachman has a lot to be proud of. There are few people (men or women) who could rise from first bring elected to office in 2000 to being one of the top three (at this time) vying for the Republican endorsement for President.

As smart as she is and the strengths she has; are all brought to nought when she constantly says things that are not accurate. I have read that she has a campaign advisor who is top notch. But why does not this person or someone else screen her speeches so she gets her facts straight?

One of the pundits stated that she has been so successful because she "puts a face" and "gives a voice" to the anger people are feeling. Evidently there is a need for that "face and that voice".
While Bachman might be the face and the voice now, I want a Joe Friday candidate. "The facts, Maam, give me the facts."

My problem with her is the fact that she presents a woman candidate in a bad light. Women candidates are more highly scrutinized than men and she has been the subject of undue scrutiny. But it is a fact of life for women candidates today. That is why I am upset that she keeps making these gaffs or mistakes, or errors. The general audience will write her off an "just another ditsy" female. Being the subject of late night comedians never helped anyone, especially a woman, running for office. end


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