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Friday, July 01, 2011

We Elected These People! Pox on us!

Luther Youngdahl Had it Right! Luther Youngdahl was governor of Minnesota in the late 1940's -early 1950's. Today's leaders would do well to learn from our past.

Youngdahl defined politics as "the machinery by which society makes its moral decisions." He also said, "we get just as good government as we will work for and just as bad government as we will allow." He urged people to renounce their contempt for politics and government.

He advocated for more people to be active in politics thus making it less possible for a small clique to have the complete advantage.

Fast forward to today. It certainly appears that we have brought this decisiveness on by electing the people we did. Like Youngdahl we want our elected people to make moral decisions. Evidently there is no common definition of moral decisions. But, we voted for people optimistically feeling that leaders would lead and elected people would govern and look at what is best for the whole state.It certainly appears that a small group of leaders is more interested in personal issues and party policy than what is good for the whole state of Minnesota. These people are not leaders they are puppets of ideology.

I just hope they know how much pain they are inflicting on real people all over this state. end


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