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Monday, April 25, 2011

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Our local legislators could be heard saying these words before our current legislative session.
Words have not moved into action as some of our local legislators have concentrated on stadium proposals, voter I.D., gun legislation, and racinos.

However before the session is over I am absolutely positive that there will be at least one job for people who are good a wordsmithing, or using the thesaurus. I think the leadership employ someone who can come up with alternate terminology - terminology that actually means raising revenue, but does not spell t - a - x.

We all remember that it was a fee instead of a tax. There must be many words like levy, charge, assessment, toll. You see what I mean. There are probably people who are right now, coming up with new terminology to get around the "no new taxes mantra".

I guess that is a new job for someone. end


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