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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This is not my job!

Congress better assign and fund their own staff people to get the job done! What job you ask? Catching up with the people who do not report income each year which results in more than $300 billion of lost tax revenue.

Rather than holding IRS staff people accountable, Congress, in all their wisdom, placed a provision in the health care reform legislation which would require folks like you and I to report-- in the form of filing 1099s --for all payments we made to incorporated vendors and the requirement could be expanded to cover goods and services too.

What would that mean for a farm business like us? We would have to file 1099's for products we buy from folks like: veterinarians, lumber supplies, repair parts, feed suppliers etc. It is not my job to file a form to let the IRS know that one of my suppliers did not report some income they may have derived me. If the Congress is concerned about unreported income ---- they better well fund the IRS so they can hire staff to find the tax evaders. This is not my job! end


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