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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Planning and Orderliness

The big guy and I just got back from a trip down south. We can't say that we are extensive travelers, but we have visited more than several states. While each state has its good qualities, the poor ones are very noticeable.

  • poor signage. Directional signs to attractions get you off the interstate; but then you are on your own. Street signs missing and when they are there, they are so small, they are almost impossible to read. Many states allow vegetation to be planted in the boulevards and trees and shrubs hide important traffic signs. (We don't let that happen in Minnesota.)
  • inconsistency in regard to sizes of roadways. A public road so narrow, cars must move to the side and stop to allow meeting one coming in the opposite direction.
  • zoning? It appears they do not have it. Nothing is less appealing than mixes of conflicting uses hodge podging in the cities. A convenience store on every corner in the middle of residential areas? What are they thinking? Mobile homes next to upscale houses? Industrial businesses mixed in with residential? Farm fields in the middle of cities?
People complain about not being allowed to do certain activities on their property. But in the end, everyone benefits from orderly planning and zoning. end


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