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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

What Is Osama Thinking?

Hearing the reports of how the people of Egypt got to the "tipping point" regarding their putting up with an oppressive government- the people on the streets are crediting the ability brought to them by Facebook and other social media. Another motivational part of it is that they could sit in their homes and watch the people of Tunisia do the same thing. This gave them an impetus.

This demand for freedom and democracy flys in the face of Bin Laden and his henchmen who want to keep the people of the MidEast submissive and powerless. Since Osama Bin Laden hates everything western: our knowledge, our entrepreneurship, and our abilities, I can only imagine he is sitting in his cave and seething about how our western way of life and technologies have once again done him wrong in his attempts to keep the MidEast in the Dark ages.

It is also interesting to contemplate the billions of dollars the west has spent in aid, etc. to help these countries move forward toward democracy when much more was accomplished by the dreams of schemes of a college kid named Zuckerborg who lived in a country that encourages innovation and creativity. Individual abilities again out plays governmental attempts. end


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