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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Reading the Constitution

I have read the Constitution several times. This morning some members of the U.S. Congress House of Representatives opened the first session of 2011 by taking turns reading the Constitution; section by section. Good for them! I hope they had an interested audience. My schedule did not allow me to listen or watch, however early this afternoon I did catch a "correction". Evidently when one of the members took his/her turn to read, he/she turned two pages together and as a result skipped a part. I believe it was part of Article 4.

It is very puzzling to me that these elected officials would think highly of reading this important document during a session of the House and would not realize at the time that a page had been skipped. Were not other members listening and wondering why there was a lapse of continuity? Were not other members following along on hard copies? Couldn't someone have sent the reader a text message alerting them to the error?Or could not have the following reader been alert enough to point out that two pages had been turned instead of one?

The attempt to draw attention to the Constitution was laudable, however this blatant error kind of took the thunder out of this attempt. end


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