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Saturday, November 13, 2010


It was Veteran's Day and Fred and I felt the need to make the day special. We wanted to break the routine of "just another Thursday" in November and allow our bodies and minds to refresh and contemplate other ideas and other people. We decided to visit the Terry Redlin Art Gallery in Watertown, S.D. As we drove through the many small towns, we were able to observe the presentation of our glorious flag in many different venues.

At the Terry Redlin Gallery, veterans were being honored. They all received a complementary Redlin print. All they had to do was present their veteran's identification card to the clerk in the gift shop. As we visited the shop and observed the products that now make up the "Terry Redlin Industry" we heard folks coming in--asking for their gift. Leaving the area, we met a young man wearing shorts and walking with a bit of an altered gait. He was walking on two prosthetic legs. I am sure that no I.D. was required for this young man. His badge of honor, his veteran's I.D. will be known by everyone he meets for the rest of his life. end


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