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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Targeted Campaigning

In the past two days I have logged on to two different web sites only to be treated to Minnesota election campaign ads. This is quite a sophisticated way to get the word out-- in my opinion. It is mind boggling to try to understand how the programmers can tell if I am from Minnesota when I log onto Live Science and a corresponding ad comes up for one of the three governor candidates. And how does Cooks.com know that I live in Terry Morrow's House district? I am also wondering how much this costs the candidates or their sponsoring groups.

Obviously the old door knocking method is out of date - in favor of popping up on thousands of computer screens right inside homes. It may reach a lot of people - but is hugely impersonal and does not allow for intelligent discussion.

I am glad I am not in the Bachman-Clark legislative district. I can imagine if I turned on my computer, it would explode with all of the ads and slogans coming at me through the stratosphere. end


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