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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Our State Fair is a Great State Fair

That song was written about the Texas State Fair, but is is more applicable to our fair here in Minnesota. A week ago, we attended the State Fair in Texas. It is also known as the Dallas Fair. The fair rivals our own Minnesota State Fair for the biggest and best. I am biased, but the Dallas Fair is a shade lower on the totem pole than our Great Minnesota Get Together.

Okay, the Texas fair may boast a larger attendance figure. That is helped by the fact that the fair lasts for a month and the Cotton Bowl is located within the boundaries of the fair grounds. All attendees at the games that may be played during the month long run are also counted as fair attendees. Today, there was a sell out crowd at 96,009 fans who saw Texas get beat.

Football takes its place right along side of the livestock and the pie competition. Instead of butterheads of queens, the Texas Fair displays two football players molded out of butter. Each is trying to "spread" the other. The Texas Hall of State on the fair grounds has a nice commemorative display of Tom Landry and his history. Speaking of pies, the day we were there, 280 pies of all kinds were being judged. (Some of these came from commercial establishments.) In the same building, there must have been 200 quilts displayed.

Taking the cake however, at this great fair was the display of new cars and trucks. Several buildings as well as many outside displays of vehicles meant that fair goers could get up close and personal with just about any and every kind of car made. I got the closest I will ever get to a $48,000 (sticker price) Lexis convertible.

Of special interest was a concert by the U.S. Marine Drum and Bugle Corps band. It was a program that will not be forgotten. From the sublime to the ridiculous, we also got to see pig races. Funny thing is that the size of the audience for each event was about the same. Did you know that pigs race for Oreo cookies? Just one of the interesting bits of information brought home from the Texas State Fair.

Oh, the Texas Fried Frito Pie? Not the lease bit enticing. end


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