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Monday, June 20, 2011


The high amount of rain we have been getting is bothersome. But, in typical reserved attitude of Minnesotans, we could have it worse. We have had corn that was planted and then cold wet soil conditions that - in the words of our crop consultant - "shocked the kernel" which resulted in it being unable to sprout. So replanting has been the MOA of many area farmers. We also replanted wet spots where plants had drowned. However, most of them have just been re-drowned and we are back at square one.

There are areas of the state, where corn is yet to be planted, even as the calendar reads June 20. Our son sells tires at Keltgens Inc. in Olivia. He has been inundated with phone calls from northern Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Canada, and even as far away as the state of Washington. The calls have come because the farmers are inundated with water. They want tires for duals, they want fat tires, they want tires that will get them through the soft soil. Keltgens can provide this service, but they are a smaller company and customers have to wait and they do not want to wait.

This is understandable because people in agriculture are very good at doing what they do and they are anxious to plant and care for their crops. They will do what it takes, day or night, week day, week end, whatever the conditions to get their job done. However, they get very frustrated when weather conditions halt their operations.

The larger farm operations that need a longer planting and harvesting window are suffering the most and I am sure there are some who are uttering, "I told you so". This year is proving to be a living example of the risks involved in this wonderful world of agriculture. end


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