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Thursday, December 03, 2009


The news was released yesterday about the dire state of Minnesota’s economic situation. It appears that there is a $1.2 billion shortfall in the current biennium! Wow, there goes our second half program aid allocation. Then we look at the future and it is even worse. Estimates put the next shortfall at $5.4 billion and that does not factor in inflation. Those in the know estimate that we need to add at least $1.5 billion to this sum to allow for inflationary increases. (Don’t mention this to Social Security recipients who received no increase because those in charge said that inflation is at zero right now.)
So, I guess now is not a good time to remind the state that since 1976 there have been 18 years that they have shorted Nicollet County on their agreement to pay half of the salaries for county probation officers. Yes, now would not be a good time to remind them of that. However, a valid question would be “When is it a good time?” We have been asking for our fair share since 1980. We have asked in the “good” financial years. We have asked in the “better” financial years. We have asked in the “so-so” financial years. We have asked nicely and the result is that we have nicely been dumped on. Asking does not seem to work, maybe we should quit acting like civil minded county officials and use the coffee shop logic which spouts the idea that we start acting like businesses. Citizens really want governments to act more like businesses. I guess we should quit asking and on behalf of our taxpaying citizens take the state to court and demand payment. What a sorry state. We would have to use taxpayer dollars to fund a lawsuit in order to demand payment to reimburse previously spent taxpayer dollars! end


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