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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Nicollet County has a land mass of 298,528 acres. Of that total, 234,169 acres are cropland. Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Management areas cover 4,509.30 acres. Conservation programs are being utilized by landowners in Nicollet County. Among the various programs are Conservation Reserve Program – 1,350.3 acres; Continuous Conservation Reserve Program – 2,916.9 acres; Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program – 1,107 acres; Reinvest in Minnesota – 1,988.6 acres; Reinvest in Minnesota/ Wetlands Reserve Program – 105.4 acres; Wetlands Reserve Program – 1,185.6 acres. This makes a total of 8,653.8 acres or about 3.7% of the crop land acres enrolled in conservation programs. (Sources: Farm Service Agency, Board of Soil and Water Conservation, Natural Resources Conservation Service, United States Fish and Wildlife, Department of Natural Resources)end


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