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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

GAMC funding and hospitals

From June 29 to July 6, hospitals around the state hosted roundtable discussions for members of the Minnesota House of Representatives Health Care and Human Services Policy Committee and others. The following is information gleaned from hospitals involved in these discussions.
  1. GAMC population is diverse and has varied abilities to make and keep appointments. The population has varied abilities to enroll in health care coverage, manage chronic conditions and maintain stable housing. Many are Iraq war veterans and suffer from traumatic brain injury.
  2. Minnesota Care is an option for some, but not all GAMC. Some lack medical records, some are transient, some lack transportation.
  3. Loss of GAMC funding can mean layoffs at hospitals - many of which are the largest employers in their communities.

One comment at these discussions was: "people need to realize that the line-item veto isn't creating a crack in the system, but a gulf."

What are the possible solutions?

  1. Insurance first. An alternative insurance model could redesign the benefit set and also should include benefits such as prevention.
  2. Health Care Homes: a situation that could tie medical services and housing together
  3. Integrated care: links hospitals and on-site clinics. This can be used to divert patients from emergency rooms.
  4. Better prevention and discharge planning
  5. Primary care workforce development.
  6. Stab;e. consistent funding to programs serving these populations.
  7. Administrative simplification



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