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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Almost a year ago, I found out that my grown children all communicated with each other through Face Book. I decided that I needed to communicate with them as well, so I signed up. It works great! I have found out lots about what is going on in their lives because they comment on FB and because they have friended me, their information comes to my page.
Getting the attention of youth is one of the goals of many groups. Last evening at a Region 9 strategic planning meeting, our discussion centered on communicating with youth. As members of the Region 9 commission, youth issues are important to us. Keeping youth in our Region is important to everyone. How do we communicate with them to find out about there needs and what it will take to keep more of them here and discourage their movement to other areas of the state.
I just read that an Auschwitz Museum memorial has launched a Face Book page. The folks running the memorial say, “Face Book is a tool that young people are using to communicate, so if we want to reach them, we should be using their tool.” Face Book is a way to reach people WHERE THEY GATHER. And they gather on Face Book, and You Tube, and Twitter.
The folks in Portland, Oregon know this fact very well. The Nutrition Council of Oregon is launching a public awareness campaign to counter junk food commercials on television. They say that the average child sees 40,000 commercials a year and half of these commercials are for food and snacks that are high in sugar and calories. And – by the way – they are also setting up a Face Book page featuring healthy food.
Just the other day, I was doing some research on Country Schools and found that the Country School Movie has a Face Book Page. The Country School Movie is a documentary being made about the one-room schoolhouses of days gone by. Quite a contrast with today. When I attended country school, our method of communication was two cans with a string connected between them. end


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