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Sunday, September 27, 2009


One time money is good, but if it can be leveraged to extend its value and lifetime-so much the better. That is exactly what Minnesota Valley Action Council (MVAC) is doing. MVAC has received stimulus money to provide cars to low income citizens who need reliable transportation so they can get to work and keep their jobs. Executive Director John Woodwick explained at a recent meeting how his agency can accept these dollars, buy the cars and keep using the money for over 100 years.
The funds allocated enabled MVAC to purchase over ten 2009 Ford Fusion cars. They were able to negotiate a fleet discount and paid between $12 to $13,000 for the cars. Upon meeting income and other guidelines, these cars will be leased to citizens needing reliable transportation to keep their jobs. The lease rate will be $165 per month and after five years, the cars will be put up for sale at a projected price of $3,500. The lease holders will be given the opportunity to purchase these cars.
MVAC staff will be working with leasers to make sure the cars are maintained and insured etc. Income from the leases and the eventual purchase will be placed in a revolving loan fund and used in the future for purchasing more vehicles. The key to making this work is that people are empowered to work and to keep on working because they have reliable transportation. end


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