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Monday, December 15, 2008


Every county must bear the cost of a few burials every year. Nicollet County has a policy that covers the cost of professional services (funeral home); casket, grave liner, opening/closing (variable cost); transportation (over 25 miles); and lot (if needed). The minimum cost for these services for county taxpayers is $2,300. This amount will increase if an oversized casket is needed, if a lot is needed, the actual cost of the opening and closing is added, and if transportation over 25 miles is added.
Some of these costs may be recovered and every effort is made to do so. The county Financial Workers review all cases and resources of the individual can be used to defray the costs. The only exclusion is a homestead, provided it is the primary residence of a surviving spouse, child under 21 or disabled child of any age; and one primary vehicle.
Typical cremation costs are between $1750 and $1950. Cremation is used, only upon request. The actual expenses to the county taxpayers for the past few years are as follows: 2004-$22,924; 2005-$17,063; 2006-$22,309; 2007-$41,208; and so far 2008-$17,191. end


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