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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I have often observed that our county employee family runs like a well-oiled machine. With that in mind, it seems appropriate to offer an an analogy that is easily understood in a rural county like ours. Like the combines that harvested our crops recently, our county machine is awesome, intricate, efficient, and marvelous.

A combine is a machine that can perform many tasks.
-The same can be said for you - our employees.

A combine is a machine that can be adjusted to meet various field conditions ----the goal always being maximum performance.
The same can be said for you – our employees.

A combine has many working parts. When one part falters, it drags down the rest of the machine. The parts depend on each other to perform at their maximum.
The same can be said of you – our employees.

A combine is needed to harvest the planted seeds. Likewise, our county employees are needed to “finish the job” so our citizens can get on with their lives.

When a combine is performing as it should; it is a wondrous, glorious, sight to behold. The end product is a valuable product worthy of pride and the satisfaction of a “job well done.”
The same can be said of you – our employees.

Lastly, some combines are red and some combines are green. I think that is most fitting as we celebrate this time of the year.
The Nicollet County Commissioners think our Nicollet County Combine is “pretty darn good”! Thanks for keeping it running for another year!(This was presented orally at the annual Employee Recognition Event and is printed here by request.) end


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