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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Nicollet County is a different place today. We lost our biggest supporter and most loyal advocate when Nicollet County Auditor, Bob Bruns passed away yesterday. Bob Bruns worked in the auditor’s office for more than thirty years – most of them in the elected position of Auditor and most recently as Auditor/Treasurer. Bob was more than an auditor, he was a person that everyone liked. He lived his life doing the work of the county number’s person; but it was more than numbers to him. He strived to protect the tax payer’s dollars and to put practices in place that resulted in the good stewardship of the funds. The result was that county programs were carried out, mandates met; and the money was used in a judicious manner. Bob truly loved Nicollet County. One of his most often used statements was “the Nicollet County family”. The qualities encompassing family loyalty and all of the positive things that go with it are rare in today’s workplace. They were much evident in Bob’s leadership and his example has set a path for all of us to follow.

More than an elected official, Bob was the unofficial “leader” of the county. He was the rock upon which the citizens, county staff, and other elected officials placed our anchor. His leadership has greatly contributed to many of successes our county has been noted for in the recent years. The sound financial shape of the county; the successful building and rebuilding following the tornado; and our good relations with other governmental units are just a few of the areas that have benefited from his leadership.

He has left the county in good hands. The work of the county will go on and “good things” will continue to happen. The “county family” will continue to serve the needs of the citizens and we will do it because we have been trained well by one of our family – County Auditor/Treasurer Bob Bruns. end


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