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Thursday, November 02, 2006


A typical reaction of ag related people like myself to Judi Dutcher’s lack of knowledge about E-85 would be, "Boy, I’m sure not voting for her!" In reality, perhaps we should be giving her our vote as a reward for creating all of the buzz. Because of the gaffe on her part, every news report is headlined with the explanation of what ethanol is and a definition of E-85 fuel. Her naiveté has resulted in more publicity on E-85 and ethanol than any of the renewable fuels groups could possibly afford to buy. A public relations person could not have planned it any better. Dutcher’s lack of knowledge is typical of many citizens of Minnesota and before we can go down the road to energy sustainability, we all have to learn about the various alternatives and what they can do for us. From one Judy to another, "Thanks Judi." end


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