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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Amberfield Update

David Anderson, one of Nicollet County's representatives on the Multi County HRA (Housing and Redevelopment Authority)Board appeared before the Nicollet County Board of Commissioners today. He reported on the activities of the HRA and specifically gave information about the Amberfield Housing projects. Anderson said, "the HRA continues to serve its purpose." (i.e. providing housing opportunities in the seven counties represented). He said that the board is looking at the capital improvement projects that will be needed in the next few years. Great Lakes Management provides management for the Amberfield Apartments. They provide information to the board regarding monthly finances and any on going repair issues. Great Lakes will be hiring a consulting firm with expertise in building construction to help plan for future capital improvement projects. Anderson said that as of now occupancy rates are down (in the 89% range) from a previous high last February of between 90-95%. They are doing some aggressive advertising to help fill the vacant units. Nicollet County has three apartment units: two in Courtland and one in Lafayette. end


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