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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Action Heroes-(from MVAC)

It could be said that the folks at Minnesota Valley Action Council (MVAC) are "Action Heroes". MVAC is a community action agency that develops resources and opportunities to help folks in need. The agency is a private non-profit organization and derives revenue from the federal, state, and local governments.

Despite having large funding cuts, the agency continues to work miracles for the needy folks in our communities (nine counties in southern Minnesota.)

(Just a few) Action Heroes Accomplishments in 2006

  • 1,128 pre-schoolers were readied for school through Head Start Programs
  • 47 people got low-interest loans to fix up their homes
  • 7,028 people got assistance with heating bills
  • 433 people gained from reduced rental expenses
  • 201 at risk teenagers got the opportunity to learn and earn during the summer
  • 31 people were helped to manage their work and finances so they could purchase their own homes
  • 549 children were screened for hearing and vision
  • 347 pre-school age children received a dental exam, some for the first time
  • 98 cars were donated to the Wheel Get There Initiative

It has been 40 years since President Kennedy issued his challenge to America to assist the poor, but it could have been today. There are still 19,312 people who live in poverty in south central Minnesota. The work of the "Action Heroes" is helping, but it is not done. end


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