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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Blame it on the Media

In the news today is the message that President Obama has/will? sign the "insider trader" bill. Way to go Representative Walz!

I am proud to say he is my representative in Congress. Evidently he was sponsoring this "no brainer" law ever since he heard that it was needed. (I.E. one of the perks of being in Congress is that when they are sitting in committee hearings and they are privy to information about big company doings - like mergers, purchases, expansions into other markets or other countries. These Congressmen and women were privy to this information that could affect stock prices, then they could make purchases and benefit from that information.) Congressman Walz felt this was wrong and felt it needed to stop, but somehow he could not get any others to go along with him UNTIL........

Until the big, bad MEDIA brought it to the light of day. Yes, blame it on the MEDIA. I think it was 60 minutes that put egg on the face of Nancy Pelosi and then the Congressmen and women  flocked to the door to line up to put their name on Walz's bill.

Walz deseves most of the credit. However the media deserves credit also. But, as usual, they will probably not get any good words for the good results of their work on this. end


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