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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Could It Be?

Could it be that one of the factors in people who are 35 or under in age are found to be leaders in the anti meat, anti farm, anti livestock groups is that they have not been educated about where their food comes from?  Most of these people have matriculated after 1980.

The kids television show Captain Kangaroo, was a staple of young people during the late 50's and continuing on into the early 80's. His show was educational and entertaining in a low key way. One of the regular characters on the show was Mr. Green Jeans the resident farmer. He instilled a sense of animal appreciation among viewers by bringing a stream of farmyard visitors to the show. This gave children a sense of - enjoying milk which comes from a cow, enjoying eggs which come from a chicken, and yes, enjoying hamburger which comes from a butchered steer. No one said it was not messy - but food coming from animals is reality and the other reality is that animals make the ultimate sacrifice.

Too bad there is not an "app" for the educational wonders which Captain Kangaroo gave us.end


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