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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Families First

Families should be the first line of offence in the war against childhood obesity.

My attention was peaked from the McNeil Lehr new report. Our First Lady, Michelle Obama, was speaking to reporters and other dignitaries. She was explaining her effort to help the nation's children fight obesity. Here, in Minnesota, we have programs that are also working for the same goal. State Health Improvement Program (SHIP).

Ms Obama explained that this was a huge problem, a very big problem that would not be easy to solve. She said, "It will take all of us working together to fight obesity in our children. It will take schools, it will take organizations, it will take businesses, it will take government......it will take families. All working together to fight obesity."

Ms. Obama, I mean no disrespect, but didn't you get your list reversed? Shouldn't the front line in the fight against childhood obesity be at the family dinner table? end


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