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Friday, March 19, 2010


It looks like the big gunfight on reforming health care will be coming this week-end. The whole health care issue is very complicated and many articles indicate that no one seems to know why. This household has tried to educate ourselves by reading many articles, letters to the editor, watching Bill Moyers, and the McNeil Lehrer report as well as special shows dedicated to the subject. Our take on this issue is as follows:
  1. Like most other issues, Minnesota seems to do things better in the area of health care.
  2. Doing it better has meant we are penalized.
  3. Our state insurance regulators have made sure insurance companies that do business here offer basic coverages without penalizing subscribers.
  4. Our system is bogged down in paperwork as compared to other countries - hence adding to the cost.
  5. No matter what the vote is on Sunday night, the insurance companies will come out winners.



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