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Monday, March 19, 2007

Minnesota River Board meets in Gaylord

The Minnesota River Basin Joint Powers Board met this morning in Gaylord. The following is a brief listing of ongoing activities:

  • Working with BWSR on the restored wetland evaluation;
  • Working with BWSR on the 67 County tillage Transect Survey;
  • Working with DNR on the Shorelands media presentation;
  • Working with MPCA on the Blue Earth River tmdl and also
  • Working with MPCA, and the RCRCA, and STS consultants on the Redwood/Cottonwood Rivers turbidity tmdl.
  • Director Shannon Fisher is working on planning the Shallow Lakes Forum to be held April 3-4.
  • The board is working with the Rush River/High Island CreeK CWP to give assistance to their staff in finishing up some of the project.

Director Fisher reported that the bill that Representative Terry Morrow is sponsoring, H.F. 1143 is receiving good reception. The Senate companion is S.F. 1080. He urged continued e-mails to Representative Terry Morrow, Senator Dennis Fredrickson, Senator Kathy Sheran, and Senator Gary Kubly. Representative Bob Gunther was very helpful in moving this bill out of committee. He is to be thanked for his efforts. The bill would establish a funding amount of $93,000 yearly for the Minnesota River Board to help us continue our coordinating efforts in the Minnesota River Basin. Indications are that whatever funding amount is in the final bill, the expectation will be that the counties need to match the state funded amount. end


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