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Saturday, May 02, 2009


This past week the Association of Minnesota Counties, the Minnesota School Board Association, the Minnesota Association of Townships, and the League of Minnesota Cities met in one spot and shared speakers and programs. One of the breakfasts featured the leaders of the Minnesota House, Margaret Kelliher, Marty Seifert, and the Minnesota Senate, Larry Pogemiller, and David Senjem. This writer was not able to hear all of the presentation, but I overheard comments such as the following. "These people just do not get it. Why can't they stop being Republicans or Democrats and just be Minnesotans?"

These responses show the frustration of local elected officials. The last comment is very interesting. One of the answers to this question is happening right about this time. It is near the end of the session and the conference committees are being formed to iron out the differences between the house and senate bills. At this time, it is important to be in a party and also to be in the majority party. The majority party will have a majority representation in the conference committees and will have a better chance of advancing legislation that will benefit their policy stands. end


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