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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

News from Environmental Services

At a meeting today with Tina Rosenstein, Director of Environmental Services, the county board received the following update:
  • 156 general premits issued this year (this is two less than last year at this time)
  • 100 separate zoning permits
  • 32 conditional use permits
  • 5 variances

Septic program - 30 septic systems have been installed this calendar year. Seven have been for new homes and 23 were replacements of failed systems. Septic systems come in various forms ie. mounds, at grades, pressure beds, and we even have two privies installed. Note: these are used in areas where there is limited housing like the duck shacks that are near Swan Lake.

Even though citizens have installed 30 systems, our staff member, Norm Kuhlman has done 51 site evaluations (in addition to the above 30.) It is important to find a site for a septic before deciding to build or purchase land for a home. Our bluff areas of the county, while nice for homes with a view, sometimes mean areas where no natural soil is in place. This makes it difficult,if not impossible to place an individual sewage treatment system.

Norm Kuhlman is also a member of a state committee that has been set up to revise the rules regarding septic systems. end


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